Saturday, 8 March 2014

Zoom Zoom

My friend Paul Tatterson and I did a little temporary switcheroo - my 135mm for his 70-200mm.

I  decided to give myself a "day off" today - since it is Saturday and I'm not at a wedding, and since the sun is shining.

I'm not sure whether its a blessing or a curse to love your work so much that you literally have no idea what to do with time if you're not working? I'm going with blessing...

When I woke up this morning I was all "woot" and "day off" and "life! come at me!"
I got up, sat down at my computer and checked my emails.
No, no, bad Anna.
No working today.
I stood up and looked around me at this strange place they call the real world. I stepped out of my office. I looked around some more.
I can do cat!
After patting the cat until he bit me, I decided I would bake.
That's a weekend-y kind of a thing to do. (Momentarily forgetting of course that I am allergic to the kitchen).
I whipped up some muffins and 10 minutes crawled by, more muffin batter ended up on the floor than in the pans, but this is to be expected.

Paul's lens!

Yes! That is the perfect solution. I shall take photos. Yippee! Warm glow enfold me!

And alas, with photos one must of course blog. But it's not work if its... um... yeah it's not work seriously. It's personal (definitely not) work.

Well, the lens was great. If a little heavy. Perfect for the male photographer with appendage size concerns (disclaimer: not Paul).
I'm going to try and get more (cough, better) shots of the wood pigeon later.

I honestly don't know how I'm going to survive winter.

I need more cats.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Happy Birthday Fluffkin!

Even though you wake me up at 4am, and again at 6am every morning. Even though you bite me sometimes for no reason. Even though you've broken both of my bedside lamps. Even though you put muddy paws on my white sheets. Even though you cover me in white fur ever time I touch you. Even though I haven't been scratch free in the 8 months I've had you. Even though your whiney meow is the most annoying sound in the world. Even though you drag your food everywhere while eating. Even though your tail is so fluffy leaves and sticks are magnetically drawn to it.

I still love you.

Cos you're bloody cute.

Especially in a bow tie.